My Life. My Story.

Who am i?

My Name is Ulrike Reinhold [prounounced ool-ree-ke], I am a yogini, mother and professional photographer.  I love working with passionate people to capture their moments of empowered beauty. Welcome to my world!

“A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever”

– John Keats

A friend once described me as a ‘Beauty Hunter’ – I think it suits me quite well. As long as I can remember, I’ve always been looking for the beauty in life, people and things. And, even after years of working as a photographer, I am fortunate to say, I keep finding it.

 As a professional photographer, my goal is for you to feel relaxed and supported. I simply want you to have a joyous experience and feel empowered after our time together.

Many photographers want to get to the photoshoot as quickly as possible. That’s not my style. I think it is important to take enough time to get a feel for you and your personal needs. Everyone is unique, so I approach every photoshoot in a creative and playful way.

A little bit about me

I was born and bred in Carinthia, the southern part of Austria. Like most people there, I believe it’s the most beautiful place on the planet.

Still, I eventually decided to leave this little paradise for the city to study the violin. Those musical years were joyful, and after a while I felt ready to drop the orchestra and dance to my own rhythm again. So off I went to explore my greatest passion:


Two years at a College for Photography in Vienna taught me a lot. About photography, people and myself. In my spare time, I set out to portray people through my photography. My first project? A violin manufacturer! What else?

A couple years later, Love brought me to Canada. Helping out at a flower shop, practicing Yoga and my photography filled my days. And in 2007 I decided to level up my Yoga practice and to became a certified Yoga Teacher. After that, it didn’t take long to also shift my photographic focus on to Yoga.

A few years later Bali happened. I had become a mother and so together with my son Nicco, I moved to the magical tropical island – A hotspot for Yoga, beautiful landscapes and people.

Bali’s stunning nature, the yoga community and the amazing events and festivals helped me to hone my craft as a photographer and to get to know Bali quite well.

When I am not behind the lens, you can find me practicing yoga at the Yoga Barn. Otherwise you’ll find me enjoying a great meal and/or a delicious coffee in one of Ubud’s amazing restaurants or Cafés. And when you can’t find me, that’s because I am traveling!


All right! If you would like to work with me, and explore moments of empowered beauty together, I’d love to hear from you.